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    LUI at a Glance

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    Daniela K. O'Neill

    Age range covered:
    18 to 47 months

    Who completes it:
    Parent or Primary Caregiver; professionals score

    Time to complete:
    Parents/Primary Caregiver: 20-30 min.

    Areas covered:
    14 subscales assess child’s communication in wide range of settings and for broad variety of functions including, for example, requesting help, sharing focus of attention, asking and commenting about things and people; guiding interactions with other people; sharing humour; talking about language and words; adapting communication to perspectives of other people; and building longer sentences and stories.

    Professionals hand-score: 15-20 minutes; automated scoring: 5-10 minutes

    Percentile ranks by 1-month age bands

    Based on over 3500 children

    Year of Publication:




The Language Use Inventory (LUI) is a
standardized parent-report questionnaire
assessing pragmatic language development
in 18- to 47-month-old children.


The LUI meets urgent calls for a standardized, empirically validated measure of children's early language use (pragmatic language development) for very young children.

The LUI is now in use in over 40 states in the U.S.,
all provinces in Canada, and in the U.K., Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand!

New! Study of the LUI's long-term predictive validity
(recent article published in JSLHR

The LUI is included among a set of recommended measures for evaluating the efficacy of interventions that target spoken language acquisition in children with autism spectrum disorders by a panel of experts convened by the NIH's National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (Tager-Flusberg et al., 2009).

LUI Components

Automated Scoring of LUI included with every purchase!


Development of the LUI has been, and is currently being supported by funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. Learn more about ongoing research with the LUI by Dr. Daniela O'Neill at the University of Waterloo Centre for Child Studies.

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